Services Provided and Service Hours

Through the "Self-service Kiosk", you can:

  • book LCSD leisure facilities territory-wide or enrol in leisure programmes organised by the department
  • book holiday camp places left unfilled after balloting
  • apply for reallocation of leisure facility sessions (applicable to bookings cancelled by the management due to inclement weather or any unforeseen circumstances)
  • make supplementary payments on the spot for the use of facilities
  • registration of Leisure Link Patron
  • cancellation of confirmed bookings
  • checking of "No show" record
  • reprint acknowledgement slips
  • visit LCSD website
  • Personal booking profiles (Leisure Link Patron must be created/edited and saved at Leisure Link e-Services one day before it is used at the Self-service Kiosks.)

Service hours:

7:15am to 11 pm daily