Payment and Activity Arrangement

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1. The scale of fee for various activities/courses is set out on P.13-23 of this Application Guide.  All fees listed are for activities to be held between September 2019 and August 2020.  Fees are charged on a per activity/course basis and special schools can enjoy a 50% concessionary rate.  Fees are subject to change from time to time.  Schools are advised to take note of the latest information as announced by the LCSD.  If the prepayment made for an activity/course is less than the updated fee, the school concerned is required to make up the difference.
2. Enrollment and payment arrangement of subsidary programmes:
i) Guided Visits to Sports Venues, Sports Talk Sport Demonstration, Easy Sport Programme and Outreach Coaching Programme
Upon receiving the enrolment forms, the LCSD will issue a “Notification for Payment” to the school concerned by email. Please sign and put the school chop on the Notification after verifying the information, and send it together with the cheque to the School Sports Programme Unit of the LCSD by mail at 1/F, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters, 1-3 Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin by the specified deadline (s) for application.
Schools using one enrolment form for several activities/courses are required to submit separate cheques for payment of each activity along with the form to the NSA(s) concerned.
ii) Joint Schools Sports Training Programme
Only students who are recommended by the relevant NSA or their own school after attending a skill assessment are eligible for the programme. Applications must be made by school capacity.
3. After receiving the enrolment forms and cheques from schools, the LCSD will send an acknowledgement to the teachers in charge by fax within a week.  Schools should contact the LCSD on 2601 7602 if they do not receive the acknowledgement two weeks after application submission.
4. If NSA/LCSD fails to arrange the activity, the fees paid will be refunded.
5. If NSA has arranged a coach for a school and the school requests before the activity date the cancellation of the activity, NSA will deduct an administrative fee (please refer to the respective prospectus) from the fee for each activity and refund the balance to the school. 
6. If the request to cancel a Sport Demonstration is made by the school on the day of the activity, no re-scheduling or make-up session will be arranged.  All fees paid will not be refunded.
7. The LCSD will issue a “Confirmation Letter” to the participating school in respect of each activity to be held as scheduled.  The school shall verify the information of the activity stated on the confirmation letter. The NSA concerned will then issue an official receipt to the teacher in charge by post.
8. The teachers of participating school should keep close monitoring of the instructor attendance and sign the “Attendance Record of Students/Coaches” after each activity/training session.  The school should give the coach the original of the “Attendance Record of Students/Coaches” for the completed course/activity and keep a copy of it which should be faxed to the LCSD (fax no.: 2684 9076) within a week after completion of the course/activity for record.
9. If a badge assessment has been conducted by the relevant NSA, the school should keep the assessment result and fax a copy to the LCSD for record.
10. For details of the courses/activities in various sports, please refer to the respective prospectuses.  Information on new sports included in the SSP (if any) and other updates on the programme will be uploaded onto the dedicated webpage of the SSP ( and the LCSD will inform school accordingly through publication.  For enquiries, please contact the School Sports Programme Unit of the LCSD on 2601 7602 or by email (