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Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedure

Pilot Scheme on Subvention for New Sports

I. Background

Upon completion of the Comprehensive Review of Sports Subvention Scheme (the Review) in 2019, a wide range of recommendations and enhancement measures has been launched to help optimise the administration of Sports Subvention Scheme (SSS) and enhance the further development of sports in Hong Kong. As revealed in the Review, overseas countries offered government funding for new sports so that more opportunity and choices could be provided for members of the public to take part in different sports activities. Under this inspiration, LCSD introduces a Pilot Scheme on Subvention for New Sports and a new funding mechanism, apart from the existing SSS, was devised to promote and support the development of new sports in Hong Kong.

Each successful application will be offered a maximum of $150,000 or 85 per cent of the total eligible expenditure of individual activity, whichever is lower.

II. Eligibility Criteria

Applicant sports organisations* wishing to apply for the second phase of the “Pilot Scheme on Subvention for New Sports” for 2022-23 must fulfill the following mandatory requirements in Part A and provide supplementary information in Part B:

*The term “sports organisations” refers to any organisation with its articles of association specifying the development of sports / promotion of specific sports items as its core business.

A. Mandatory Requirements

1. The applicant sports organisation must have successful experience in organising sports development programmes of various levels and types with active participation by the public in the past two years;
2. The new sport under application must be distinct from those sports / disciplines currently solely governed by national sports associations under the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China#;
3. The applicant sports organisation must be recognised by and affiliated to the Asian Federation/Regional Federation/ International Federation; and
4. The applicant sports organisation must be a non-profit making organisation with articles of association registered as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622).
# Each case would be considered on its individual merits (for example, the status of the applying organisation of the sport).

B. Supplementary Information

1. To provide a comprehensive long-term development and promotion plan, including:-
  a. organisation of sports development programmes from grassroots level to territory-wide/international competition level;
  b. organisation of sports promotion programmes, including those with mass participation and cross-district programmes / large scale events at international levels;
  c. nurturing of potential athletes and development of coaches and officials through official training programmes and registration system; and
  d. development of a practicable implementation schedule to foster the development of the sport.
2. To provide relevant information on competency in the organisation and arrangement of programmes, including:-
  a. Relevant information on resources in respect of this application, e.g. provision and source of non-Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) venues and non-governmental funding, and strategic plan for sustainability. Priority will be given to sports to be played at private and/or self-financed/non-LCSD venues;
  b. Relevant information on popularity of the sport involved in this application, such as the number of programmes and participants, and recognition and support from the local community, e.g. joint venture with or funding support from non-governmental organisations and schools, etc.;
  c. Proven records on organisation of the relevant sports programmes in the past three years.
3. To put in place governance structure, policies with transparency and accountability, such as Code of Conduct, Procurement Guidelines and Accounting Procedure, etc. and composition of office bearers;
4. Priority will be given to the applicant sports organisations with any items in the following:
  a. The Asian Federation/Regional Federation/ International Federation of the applicant sports organisation is a member of Olympic Committee of Asia/International Olympic Committee;
  b. The applicant sports organisation is a member with Observer status of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC); or
  c. The affiliated Federation of the applicant sports organisation is a member of Global Association of International Sports Federations but yet to be a member of SF&OC or eligible for applying Sports Subvention Scheme under the LCSD.
5. Priority will be given to new applicant sports organisations. As for re-applicant sports organisations, the LCSD will take into consideration their past performance and records when vetting their applications.

III. Application Procedures

Application for the second phase of Pilot Scheme on Subvention for New Sports 2022-23 was closed on 5 August 2022. Application for the year 2023-24 is targeted to commence in early 2023. Updated information will be released on the LCSD webpage in due course.

IV. Enquiry

For further information, please contact the Sports Funding Office of the LCSD.
Telephone No. : 2601 8756
Fax No. : 2393 8177
Email :