URBTIX Outlet Terms and Conditions of Sale of Tickets

Counter Booking (1) All tickets are sold at this box office only within the designated operating hours. Payment for tickets should only be made to box office staff on duty over the counter. URBTIX has not authorized anybody to make alternative arrangements for sale of tickets within the premises.
Payment (2) Unless otherwise stated, payment for tickets at this box office may be made:

- in cash (Hong Kong currency only); or
- by credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or UnionPay
One-person-one-ticket (3) Each ticket admits one person only (including children).
Number of Tickets (4) Unless otherwise announced, each purchase of tickets through the counter, Internet or telephone booking is limited to 40 tickets.
Popular Events (5) URBTIX may in respect of popular events impose restriction on the maximum number of tickets (for example, 10 tickets) that can be purchased by each person on the first day of counter booking for that popular event.
Checking of Tickets, Change and Handling charges (6) It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to give correct information about the title, date, time and venue of the desired performance, and to check the tickets and change carefully before leaving the counter. Purchaser should also ensure that the correct number of tickets or an official receipt are obtained for all amounts that have been paid before leaving the counter. All handling charges collected are non-refundable.
Sold Tickets (7) Tickets sold are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
Age Restriction (8) Many programmes have age restriction below which the ticket holder will be refused admission by the venue management. Purchasers should check the age restriction at the time of purchase. The age restriction is also clearly printed on each ticket.
Admission to Category III Films (9) To comply with the Film Censorship Ordinance, the venue management will refuse admission by persons under the age of 18 to any screenings of Category III films. Ticket holders may be required to show proof of age on demand by the venue management.
Concessionary Tickets (10) Ticket holders of concessionary tickets, including but not limited to concessionary tickets for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and full-time students, will be admitted only on production of acceptable proof of identity.
Proof of Identity of the Purchaser (11) The purchaser may be required to produce acceptable proof of identity for inspection by the box office staff.
Booking Details on Tickets (12) A ticket holder may be refused admission if any details on the ticket have been omitted or altered or if the ticket is damaged, defaced, or otherwise mutilated.
Changes of Programmes (13) The organiser/presenter of the event reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programmes, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
Cancellation and Postponement of programmes (14) Tickets are issued/sold on behalf of the organiser/presenter of the event whose name appears on the ticket. For any event cancelled or postponed, the organiser/presenter shall be responsible for refunding the purchase price of the tickets and the refund shall be made to the holders of original tickets only.
Late-comers (15) The management of the venue where the event takes place reserves the right to refuse admission by any late-comers to the event. The management also reserves the right to determine the time at which and the manner in which late-comers are to be admitted.
House Rules (16) All tickets are sold subject to the house rules of the venue where the event takes place. Details are available or displayed at the management office/box office of the respective venue.