Kowloon City

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Venue NameVenues where smoking is prohibitedVenues where smoking is not prohibitedVenues with smoking areas
Argyle Street Playground Yes    
Broadcast Drive Garden Yes    
Broadcast Drive Playground Yes    
Carmel Village Street Garden Yes    
Carpenter Road Park Yes    
Chatham Road/Winslow Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Cornwall Street Children's Playground Yes    
Cornwall Street/Ede Road Garden Yes    
Diocesan Boy's School Approach Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Dorset Crescent Rest Garden Yes    
East Kowloon Way Flyover Rest Garden Yes    
Ede Road Playground Yes    
Essex Crescent Rest Garden Yes    
Fat Kwong Street Garden No.1 Yes    
Fat Kwong Street Garden No. 2 Yes    
Fat Kwong Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Fat Kwong Street Sports Centre Yes    
Ho Man Tin High Level Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Ho Man Tin East Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Ho Man Tin Hill Road Rest Garden Yes    
Ho Man Tin Park Yes    
Ho Man Tin Sports Centre Yes    
Hoi Sham Park     Yes
Hung Hom Municipal Services Building Sports Centre Yes    
Hung Hom Promenade Yes    
Hung Hom South Road Rest Garden Yes    
Hung Hom Urban Park Yes    
Hung Lai Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Hung Ling Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Hutchison Park Yes    
Inverness Road Garden Yes    
Junction Road Park Yes    
Kai Tak Station Square Yes    
Kai Tak Avenue Park Yes    
Kai Tak Sky Garden Yes    
Kai Tak Promenade Yes    
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park Yes    
Kam Shing Road Recreation Ground Yes    
Kau Pui Lung Road Playground Yes    
Kent Road Garden Yes    
King Wan Street Playground Yes    
King's Park High Level Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Ko Shan Road Park     Yes
Kowloon City Road Flyover Sitting-out Area Yes    
Kowloon City Sports Centre Yes    
Kowloon Tsai Park Yes    
Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground Yes    
Kowloon Walled City Park Yes    
Kwei Chow Street/Yut Yat Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Lok Fu Park Yes    
Lok Fu Service Reservoir Rest Garden Yes    
Lomond Road Garden Yes    
Lung Cheung Road Playground Yes    
Lung Cheung Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Lung Cheung Road Park Yes    
Ma Tau Wai Road/Tai Wan Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Ma Tau Wai Road Playground Yes    
Ma Tau Wai Road/Ma Hang Chung Road Rest Garden   Yes  
Ma Tau Wai Road/Sheung Heung Road Garden Yes    
Ma Tau Wai Service Reservoir Playground Yes    
Man Fuk Road Garden Yes    
Moray Road Children's Playground Yes    
Nga Tsin Wai Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Olympic Garden     Yes
Oxford Road Playground Yes    
Pak Kung Street Garden Yes    
Peace Avenue Playground Yes    
Pentland Street Garden Yes    
Perth Street Sports Ground Yes    
Princess Margaret Road Children's Playground Yes    
Pui Ching Road Playground Yes    
Pui Ching Road Rest Garden     Yes
Rutland Quadrant Children's Playground Yes    
Shek Ku Lung Road Rest Garden Yes    
Sheung Lok Street Garden Yes    
Sheung Lok Street Garden (Phase II) Yes    
Sheung Shing Street Park Yes    
Sheung Wo Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Shing Tak Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Station Lane Sitting-out Area     Yes
Sung On Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Sung Wong Toi Garden Yes    
Sung Wong Toi Playground Yes    
Tai Wan Road Playground Yes    
Tai Wan Shan Park Yes    
Tak Ku Ling Road Rest Garden Yes    
Tin Kwong Road Recreation Ground Yes    
Tin Kwong Road Tennis Court Yes    
To Kwa Wan Complex Playground Yes    
To Kwa Wan Recreation Ground Yes    
To Kwa Wan Sports Centre Yes    
Tsing Chau Street Playground Yes    
Wa Shun Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Winslow Street Playground Yes    
Yan Fung Street Rest Garden Yes