Tuen Mun

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Venue NameVenues where smoking is prohibitedVenues where smoking is not prohibitedVenues with smoking areas
Butterfly Beach Park Yes    
Cafeteria Old Beach Sitting-out Area Yes    
Castle Peak Road (San Hui) Park Yes    
Choi Yee Bridge Garden Yes    
Chung Uk Children's Playground Yes    
Chung Uk Garden Yes    
Deacon Chiu Park Yes    
Fu Tei Chung Tsuen Children's Playground Yes    
Fuk Hang Playground Yes    
Fuk Hang Tsuen Basketball Court Yes    
Fuk Hang Tsuen Road Garden Yes    
Fung On Street Children's Playground Yes    
Fung Tei Garden Yes    
Hang Kwai Street Playground Yes    
Hoi Chu Road Playground Yes    
Hoi Wong Road Garden Yes    
Hung Cheung Road Playground Yes    
Hung Lau Sitting-out Area Yes    
Kei Lun Wai Children's Playground Yes    
Ki Lun Kong Public Park Yes    
King Fung Children's Playground Yes    
Lam Tei Pet Garden Yes    
Leung Tin Sports Centre Yes    
Leung Tin Tsuen Garden Yes    
Lingnan Playground Yes    
Mouse Island Children's Playground Yes    
Nai Wai Children's Playground Yes    
Nai Wai Garden Yes    
Nai Wai Soccer Pitch Yes    
Ngan Wai Rest Garden Yes    
Nim Wan Tsuen Children's Playground Yes    
Pui To Road (South) Rest Garden Yes    
San Hei Pavilion Yes    
San Hing Tsuen Children's Playground Yes    
San Hui Playground Yes    
San Hui Sitting-out Area Yes    
San Hui Tsuen Rest Garden Yes    
San On Sitting-out Area Yes    
San Wai Tsai Children’s Playground Yes    
San Wo Lane Playground Yes    
Shek Pai Tau Playground Yes    
Shek Pai Tau Sitting-out Area Yes    
Siu Hang Sitting-out Area Yes    
Siu Lun Sports Centre Yes    
Siu Lun Sports Ground Yes    
So Kwun Wat Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tai Hing North Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tai Hing Sports Centre Yes    
Tai Lam Chung Road Children's Playground Yes    
Tai Lam Chung Tsuen Children's Playground Yes    
The Jockey Club Tuen Mun Butterfly Beach Sports Centre Yes    
Tin Ha Road Playground Yes    
Trend Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tseng Choi Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tseng Tau Chung Tsuen Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tseng Tau Sheung Tsuen Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tsing Bik Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tsing Ho Rest Garden Yes    
Tsing Hoi Playground Yes    
Tsing Lung Garden Yes    
Tsing Min Children's Playground Yes    
Tsing Shan Children's Playground Yes    
Tsing Shan Keuk Look-out Yes    
Tsing Shan Pavilion Yes    
Tsing Sin Garden Yes    
Tsing Sin Playground Yes    
Tsing Sin Street Basketball Court Yes    
Tsing Tin Garden Yes    
Tsing Tin Playground Yes    
Tsing Wah Soccer Pitch Yes    
Tsing Wu Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tsing Yeung Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tsing Yin Garden Yes    
Tuen Fu Road Community Garden Yes    
Tuen Mun Cultural Square  Yes    
Tuen Mun Cycling Entry / Exit Hub Yes    
Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tuen Mun Hung Cheung Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tuen Mun Park Yes    
Tuen Mun Promenade Yes    
Tuen Mun Riverside Park Yes    
Tuen Mun River (Eastern Bank) Garden Yes    
Tuen Mun Swimming Pool Squash Courts Yes    
Tuen Mun Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground Yes    
Tuen Mun Tsing Yeung Rest Garden Yes    
Tuen Tsz Wai Children's Playground Yes    
Wah Fat Playground Yes    
Wing Fat Lane Sitting-out Area Yes    
Wu King Road Garden Yes    
Wu Shan Bowling Green Yes    
Wu Shan Garden Yes    
Wu Shan Recreation Playground  Yes    
Wu Shan Riverside Park Yes    
Wu Shan Tennis Courts Yes    
Yan Oi Town Square  Yes    
Yau Oi Sitting-out Area Yes    
Yau Oi Sports Centre Yes    
Yeung King Playground Yes    
Yeung Siu Hang Garden Yes