Sai Kung

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Venue NameVenues where smoking is prohibitedVenues where smoking is not prohibitedVenues with smoking areas
Chui Ling Lane Playground Yes    
Fuk Man Garden Yes    
Hang Hau Basketball Court Yes    
Hang Hau Garden Yes    
Hang Hau Man Kuk Lane Park Yes    
Hang Hau Sports Centre Yes    
Ho Chung Soccer Pitch Yes    
Hong Kin Road Garden Yes    
Kau Sai Sun Tsuen Garden Yes    
Man Yee Playground Yes    
Mang Kung Uk Rest Garden Yes    
Mau Tai Road Garden Yes    
Ma Yau Tong Rest Garden Yes    
Nam Shan Village Sitting-out Area Yes    
Pak Kong Garden Yes    
Pak Kong Soccer Pitch Yes    
Pak Sha Wan Tsuen Garden Yes    
Pak Shek Terrace Garden Yes    
Pik Shui San Tsuen Rest Garden Yes    
Pik Uk Garden Yes    
Po Hong Park Yes    
Po Lam Sports Centre Yes    
Po Lam Sitting-out Area Yes    
Po Lo Che Garden Yes    
Po Tsui Park Yes    
Pui Shing Garden Yes    
Sai Kung Park Yes    
Sai Kung Squash Courts Yes    
Sai Kung Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground Yes    
Sai Kung Tennis Courts Yes    
Sai Kung Waterfront Park Yes    
Sha Kok Mei Basketball Court Yes    
Sha Kok Mei Playground and Garden Yes    
Sha Tsui Playground Yes    
Sheung Ning Playground Yes    
Sheung Sze Wan Sitting-out Area Yes    
Silver Cape Road Sitting-out Area Yes    
Ta Ho Tun Garden Yes    
Tai Mong Tsai Picnic Area and Pavilion Yes    
Tai Po Tsai Rest Garden Yes    
Tai Wan Tau Garden Yes    
Tin Ha Wan Garden Yes    
Tong Ming Street Sitting-out Area Yes    
Tong Ming Street Park Yes    
Wan Po Road Pet Garden Yes    
Tseung Kwan O Sports Centre Yes    
Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground Yes    
Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park Yes    
Tsui Lam Sports Centre Yes    
Tui Min Hoi Garden Yes    
Tui Min Hoi Rest Garden Yes    
Wai Man Road Playground Yes    
Wo Mei Rest Garden Yes    
Yau Yue Wan Children's Playground Yes    
Yau Yue Wan Playground Yes    
Yi Chun Street Playground Yes    
Yim Tin Tsai Lookout Yes    
Hong Kong Velodrome Yes    
Hong Kong Velodrome Park Yes    
Shui Bin Tsuen Sitting-out Area Yes    
St. Peter’s Village Garden Yes    
Tai Ping Village Playground Yes    
Tan Cheung Sitting-out Area Yes    
Yuk Nga Lane Community Garden Yes