Indoor and Outdoor Climbing Walls

Overseas certificates should be verified by the relevant NSAs in Hong Kong to be arranged by the hirers/users before using the facility.
All users of the climbing walls must inspect their equipment and safety of the gear prior to use.
The hirers/users are advised to take every precautionary measure to ensure safety and that all equipment should comply with the safety standards of the NSA concerned.
Only one user is allowed to climb on each lane of the outdoor / indoor climbing wall at a time. He/She should always be assisted by another user as belayer for safety sake.
For individual use, only person holding a recognised and valid sport climbing training level 2 certificate or above issued by the NSAs concerned, and accompanied by another person(s) with equivalent qualification or above may use the climbing walls.
For group use of the climbing walls (a maximum of six users within the safety mat area are allowed for each lane for outdoor climbing wall and a maximum of 20 users are allowed for an indoor climbing room at any one time). Any user not holding a recognised and valid sport climbing training level 2 certificate or above issued by the NSAs concerned should be accompanied by at least two other persons, one of whom must hold a sport climbing training level 2 certificate and the other must hold a valid coach/instructor card.
For outdoor climbing wall, the capacity of group uses for holding fun days or demonstrations by a hirer, etc. can be relaxed by LCSD to 12 users per lane and up to a maximum of 48 users for four lanes subject to a maximum of six users for each lane to be permitted to stay within the safety mat area at any time of use. The other users should stay outside the safety mat area for safety sake of the users.
Users are not allowed to change the route settings without prior permission from the management. Any change to the route settings must be carried out by qualified persons recommended/endorsed by NSAs. Any altered route settings must be reinstated to its original state at the close of the booked session.
The hirers/users without possessing the valid recognized qualification of coach/ instructor are required to bring along with own equipment and gear.