Outdoor Facilities


 (Conditions 67)
For block bookings, hirer should ensure that the noise level of their activities should be kept at a reasonably low level so as to avoid causing any unnecessary disturbance to residents in the neighborhood area. The hirer shall indemnify the LCSD and keep the LCSD fully indemnified against all claims and liabilities arising by reason of any noise nuisance generated from the venue during the hiring time. To minimise noise impact on the nearby noise sensitive receivers, the following measures are recommended -
a. orientate the stage (or loudspeakers) to point away from the nearby noise sensitive receivers;
b. use a cluster of small power loudspeakers instead of a few large power loudspeakers;
c. use directional loudspeakers and orientated them to point towards the audience and away from the nearby noise sensitive receivers; and
d. provide a manned complaint hotline (Tape recording is not acceptable) so that action can be immediately taken to reduce the noise in response to complaints raised by nearby residents or relayed from other parties such as Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, LCSD or Police.
If the hirer fails to observe or comply with the above requirements or the advice from the LCSD to reduce noise emission for the event, the LCSD may consider not to accept booking for use of the same facility from the hirer in future.