Non-Fee Charging Facilities

1. The hirer must be one of the users using facilities and must be present during the use of the booked sessions. He/ she may be required to produce his/ her identification document (i.e. identity cards, passports, re-entry permits, and student cards bearing a photograph of the card holder) for verification before using the facilities and during the booked session.
2. The hirer is required to produce the valid permit/approval letter for verification and registration before using the facilities. The permit/approval letter is not transferable.
3. All users must leave the facilities when their allotted session/ hour is over.
4. All users must wear appropriate attire and footwear. They must observe the Pleasure Grounds Regulation and any direction given by the management staff.
5. If an organisation, having booked a session, fails to turn up to take up the booking without giving a satisfactory explanation, LCSD reserves the right to refuse to accept further bookings.
6. Recreation and sports facilities will be closed on the issue of tropical cyclone signal No. 8, or at the discretion of the management when, in its opinion that the facilities are considered unsuitable for use from safety or operational reasons.
7. At the discretion of the Department, users can be granted free use of booked facility that is not taken up by the original hirer 10 minutes after the starting time on condition that there is no other vacant facility available for booking at the same time. The user(s) who has been granted for such use should surrender the facility back to the original hirer immediately upon the arrival of the original hirer. Venue manager/duty officer in-charge may cancel/suspend such free use arrangement at any time if there is suspected abuse of such free use by any person, including unauthorised transfer/sale of the use, as may be determined by the venue manager/duty officer in-charge on the spot.
8. The hirer or any person so authorised by him due to negligence on his part or on the part of such authorised person shall be responsible to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused to the facility, and reinstating or replacing any equipment, apparatus, fitting, or other property damaged or destroyed (fair wear and tear excepted), stolen or removed during the use of the facility.
9. The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified LCSD against all actions, claims, and demands by any person who suffers or sustains any death, injury, loss or damage arising out of or as a result of the use of the recreation and sports facility by the hirer or any person so authorised by him due to the negligence on his part or on the part of such authorised person.
10. LCSD may remove any person from the facility if he/she is in breach of the General Conditions of Use of Leisure and Cultural Services Department Non-Fee Charging Facilities or the Pleasure Grounds Regulation. In such event, the booking will be cancelled automatically.
11. For uses involving temporary structure (other than those provided by the venue), public admission and of high risk nature, DLM/venue manager may require the hirer to take out suitable insurance coverage to protect the interests of both the hirer and the government. The prevailing level of indemnity set by LCSD shall be applied to meet the scale / nature of the use/event.
12. For events involving overseas teams (including those from the Mainland), the applicant should consult the governing sports body, viz. the National Sports Association, for advice/agreement on the proposed use according to the practice of international sporting events to ensure that these events comply with the requirements of the governing sports body for the safety sake of the athletes and the spectators.
13. The hirer shall not make, publish, display or disseminate event related publicity materials that contain false, biased, misleading or deceptive information. The hirer shall not expressly or by implication make reference to the Department in any of the publicity materials without prior written permission of the Department. The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Department and the Government and their servants and agents against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings arising from any breach or non-observance of this provision.
14. LCSD reserves the right to reject/cancel the booking without prior notice to the applicant/ hirer and also to restrict the number of users and/or spectators entering the venue or to refuse entry of any persons upon health grounds or other reasons and/or impose further conditions for the use of recreation and sports facilities.
15. The hirer should ensure that the noise level of their activities should be kept at a reasonably low level so as to avoid causing any unnecessary disturbance to residents in the neighborhood area. The hirer shall indemnify the Department and keep the Department fully indemnified against all claims and liabilities arising by reason of any noise nuisance generated from the venue during the hiring time allocated to him.  To minimise noise impact on the nearby noise sensitive receivers, the following measures are recommended -
(a) orientate the stage (or loudspeakers) to point away from the nearby noise sensitive receivers;
(b) use a cluster of small power loudspeakers instead of a few large power loudspeakers;
(c) use directional loudspeakers and orientated them to point towards the audience and away from the nearby noise sensitive receivers; and
(d) provide a manned complaint hotline (Tape recording is not acceptable) so that action can be immediately taken to reduce the noise in response to complaints raised by nearby residents or relayed from other parties such as Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, LCSD or Police.
16. If the hirer fails to observe or comply with the requirements in Condition 15 or the advice from the Department to reduce noise emission for the event, the LCSD may consider not to accept booking for use of the same facility from the hirer in future.